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In today’s world, you can’t think of a business or service without considering social media. For its game can either make your business or break it. Unlike old times, we have a plethora of social media networks that one can use for their product’s success. Sometimes, amid so many platforms available hand raises one important question—what will work for your business and your potential audience? How will it work? What would be the strategy, ideas, and implementation, among other decisions? Our Exaalgia team at Indore helps you exactly with this. We chart out the best strategy and platform that will work for your business, and not pick any cliche platforms just for the sake of doing it. The social media team at Exaalgia will pick the strategy that will work for your targeted audience, and help you determine which social network is best for your business. If you’re looking for a customized social media plan curated just for your business, look no further. Our Indore social media experts have got you all covered. Give us a call today.

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Whether you’re looking for a partner whom you can trust with Facebook management, Instagram marketing, or social media marketing via any other platform, Exaalgia has a bunch of experienced social media marketing consultants, based out of India. The experts know exactly what will work for you and your business. We don’t work in isolation, but rather work alongside you, ensuring your brand’s needs and success. Our work doesn’t get over by just setting up your social media marketing strategy, we believe in giving desired results to your business!


“One size doesn’t fit all.” Especially when it’s your social media accounts set up for different business goals. Utilizing these platforms optimally and strategically becomes crucial and requires professional guidance to fill in the shoes. Exaalgia is here to do that for you! We’re one of the most credible and knowledgeable marketing social media marketing consultant firms in India. Our team, who has extensive experience in the field, will help you design a result-oriented plan, building a strong social media foundation for your business and growth.


Setting up a business is easy. Brand management? Not so much. In a world full of competitors and alike products and services, it’s essential to have a brand that stands out from others. That’s where building a brand image comes in. Its face of it is social media platforms, to reach the potential audience crossing all geographical boundaries. Exaalgia will help you set up your brand via social media profiles. Be it the microblogging site, Twitter, the evergreen, Facebook, or the most influential platform, Instagram, or any other platform. The goal is to pick the one that works the best for you and your business! We will ensure the brand reach, build potential customer relations, and most of all, generate the leads your business deserves! Exaalgia will help in building and improving the value of your brand.


Don’t know how to identify the key thread in reaching your audience? At Exaalgia, we draw a full-proof strategy on how to identify, reach out and work with potential brand advocates, giving maximum exposure to your brand on social media. Our team uses the USP powered key messaging to promote your brand across all social media platforms.


Public relations are at the heart of any business’s goal and success. Being one of the best and most experienced social media marketing agencies in India, Exaalgia has built relations with influential professionals—Journalists, publishers, and bloggers—over the years. At Exaalgia, we value industry relations and connections. We will help your brand utilizing these relationships, ensuring your brand message reaches the right set of people and boosting your online presence and goodwill.


Are you exhausted by spending a good chunk of your budget on non-performing ads? Are you on the look for a good return on investment (ROI) on your social media efforts and resources? Exaalgia is an experienced social media advertising agency, based out of India. Over the years, we have helped build multiple brands with good ROI on their social media marketing campaigns, unlike non-performing ads. Place a bet on experienced hands and see your ROI grow in multiple numbers. Besides creating high performing ads on the social network that suits your business, Exaalgia also guarantees high Click-through rates (CTR) and ROI.


Your work doesn’t get over after setting up the social media marketing campaigns. Social media monitoring is equally crucial. What are your customers, competitors, and mainstream media are saying about your business? How are your business’s goodwill and credibility online? A business that wants to succeed can’t ignore these views and voices, for constructive criticism can take your business to good heights. Exaalgia will help you keep track of all things social media monitoring and provide necessary feedback.


Communication, it’s different and very well understandable when done in person. Not so much when it’s happening over a social media platform. That’s when the tone matters and is the most important prerequisite of any social media marketing campaign. At Exaalgia, with an experience of over a decade, we will ensure to set up the right social media tone for your business. One that gives a clear message to your potential customers and keeps them away from being misleading and confusing. We will portray your business on social media just how you would expect it to be.


A plain strategy wouldn’t be enough for your social media marketing game. Meaningful discussions, and buzz around the business updates to your target audience will keep them posted on what you are up to. Our team at Exaalgia will help you create those updates via social media, attracting and improving potential users and brand awareness.


Numbers matter. Numbers that tell you how your business is working. What’s working for whom? Being in the industry for several years, Exaalgia has learned that taking reporting and analysis into consideration is the key. We actively analyze our social media marketing campaigns to ensure that they are bearing the intended results, followed by providing you with constant reports on how your campaigns’ performance and whether they are meeting the set goals or going south. Our team of experts will then strategize the further campaigns after analyzing the reports for better results.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is nothing but promoting your business through social media platforms, also known as e-marketing, online or digital marketing. It could be done for free as well as putting in some budget for advertising. Example: Tying up with Exaalgia, a social media advertising agency, for your business and growth. It helps you to reach and interact with potential customers by posting relevant information regarding your business on social media platforms.


Why do you need social media management?


The majority of your customers are online

It would be only a very smaller chunk of people who don’t use social media platforms. The rest? Yes, they do. Very much, and those people could be your potential audience. All the social media platforms provide you with a space to interact and reach out to the unreachable. It also helps you to build personal relationships, resulting in long-term loyalty to your brand and trust.

Customers are searching for your business on social media

Be it Instagram or Facebook, the potential customers are on the outlook for their desired products on every social media platform. And so are your competitors. Social media has opened a different road to acquiring customers online and retaining them with appropriate social media marketing. The management of social media platforms will help your business stay afloat, be one step ahead of your competitors, and offer the best product or services that your audience is looking for!

People are talking about your company on social media

“Customer is king.” That’s rightly said. Your customers’ views, feedback, complaints or suggestions are the pillars for you to climb the stair to success. These factors can’t be ignored in the longer term. Exaalgia’s social media management services will keep your fan base engaged by prudently responding to their feedback, comments, complaints, or suggestions.

Companies deserve expert social media management

Sometimes, starting with little resources and manpower could be daunting, with giving little or no attention to social media management. Exaalgia is here to exactly take care of that. Our team, with extensive knowledge of building online goodwill and credibility, has got you covered.


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Why our team of Social Media Marketing Experts is best?

Our social media marketing team, based out of India, has built valuable relationships with influential industry players over the years. They will help you boost your social media PR and reputation with the assistance of their connections and resources. At Exaalgia, we don’t sacrifice the quality of our work, even as we are one of the most affordable agencies out there.

How Our Indore, India Social Media Experts

Can Help

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With a combined experience of over 10+ years, our team at Exaalgia is passionate and dedicated to the work we do. Be it managing Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. The Indore social media experts will take care of your social media marketing campaigns as per your business needs and goals. Reach out to us today to fetch more information on how can we speed up your social media game.


What services do you provide?

On the internet today, Social media users are some of the most engaged people. The ideal use of social media marketing through any leading social media agency isn’t as a microphone to address the world but it gives your audience more immediate and personal responses to their questions and issues. If you’re looking for new and effective social media tactics? Look no further try our services: Social media PR, social media paid campaigns, social media advertising, website design, social media management, and search engine marketing.

What you’ll post in social media?

Our content strategy is tailored according to your target audience and your business requirements. Our highly experienced and creative graphic designers create custom images for your brand and our social media team post content that either informs entertains or inspires your target customer.

What tools do you use for social media promotion?

Social media is transforming the way brands market themselves online earlier. Actually, it’s safe to say that social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has already changed things in a big way. In addition to the scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Tweet deck, our social media managers use Google Docs to collaboratively write and edit social posts content. We also use Coral, Adobe Spark and Adobe Photoshop to design, edit and size images related to your products and services.

Do you send reports?

Yes, we make it easier for you to keep track of your new results in business. Upon the start of your social media campaign, you will be given access to our online dashboard that tracks all social media data in real-time and can be accessed 24/7. Track the increase in impressions, leads, followers, likes, shares, web traffic and more in an easy way than before.

What’s the difference between your social ads services and a post?

A post is a content we share on your social media page for your followers to see organically. An ad is a paid post to target people outside of your followers based on demographics and interests. Because most social media algorithms limit the number of followers who see your products/services content organically, we recommend promoting relevant posts that guarantee more people will see it. Another great indicator of a post that should be promoted is one that performs well organically on social media channels. If it’s doing well on its own, investing money behind it will increase its reach.

Why should I use social media?

Let’s face it: the world’s gone social. In fact, 30% of all time spent online is allocated to social media. If you want to get in front of people, social media marketing is the way to do it. Whether you’re interested in brand awareness, sponsored content or a combination of both, we are here to help! Our social media services process includes strategy to develop ent, advertising management, community management, effective content creation, measurement & reporting.

Can you set up my social media accounts?

Not a problem! Our social media managers will create, design and optimize all of your accounts for massive online awareness among customers and lead generation as soon as your campaign starts. Our team will set up your account on the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc) you wish to promote your product and services among a targeted audience.

How long it will take to see results?

There are a ton of immediate benefits you can see when using Exaalgia social media marketing services that include:

  • Greater brand awareness
  • Strong brand loyalty
  • Increased word of mouth

You can also expect a noticeable increase in lead generation and follower growth in the first 30 days from our social media solutions.

What social platforms should I be on?

Well, there is no universal right answer to this question since date. Let’s start a conversation with talented social media managers of Exaalgia around your unique business and your unique needs to determine what platforms will be most effective to accomplish your goals.

How many clients have you worked with?

To date, we have helped over 300 businesses, big and small, increase their online awareness and sales via social media networks. If your customers spend time online, our team will connect your business to them. Feel free to read our client’s testimonials for more!



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