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Exaalgia, one of the best in the industry and in India, has been awarded and certified as a Shopify development company, providing efficient and professional Shopify website design and development services worldwide. We specialize in all things set up, design, development, and marketing. At Exaalgia, we deliver conversion-optimized Shopify SEO website solutions with an intuitive user experience. With nearly 10+ years of knowledge and experience, our Shopify SEO specialists have ensured success and led several online stores with the latest technology and optimal SEO practices. If your Shopify store lacks the number of orders or design or anything else, our experts based out of the US are here to help you generate orders and set your Shopify right. Exaalgia’s connection to Shopify vendors allows understanding of some critical factors. What will influence visibility? What customizations should be made to optimize a Shopify website for major search engines? What matters the most to be the search engine’s top result? We at Exaalgia can guide your business on the right path, increasing your e-commerce website’s capacity to the fullest. We are all equipped to help you with your customized online store powered by Shopify!

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Exaalgia offers exceptionally customized Shopify e-commerce stores for all sorts of businesses—large or small. Our team prides itself on the best coding practices, delivering reliable and top-notch Shopify development services.

Our Shopify expert developers at Exaalgia provide an exclusive range of customized Shopify development services, the one that works and suits your business and desired goals. With a decade of experience and a talented bunch of minds on the team, based out of India, Exaalgia is competent at building attractive, elegant, decent, easy on the eyes, and successful e-commerce stores with Shopify. We cater to all your needs and requirements of Shopify development, from customization, to theme development; Exaalgia offers a range of Shopify development services to its clients for a successful online business.

At Exaalgia’s Shopify development company, we offer a range of services, including Shopify Store Development, custom plugin or extension development, Shopify app development, SEO and marketing, etc. Exaalgia also provides smooth migration and transmissions from an existing e-commerce platform to a Shopify store per your needs and requirements.

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Our team of experts at Exaalgia is a passionate and dedicated Shopify experts in Indore, India. We believe in loving what we do, and hence your success is our success too. Our experts Shopify experts put in a lot of work to build that one Shopify website to help you run your business to higher sales and solid user experience. Our Shopify development services have helped many small as well as large companies get ahead of their competitors and stand out, with most of them becoming credible authorities in their different niches.

Exaalgia ensures that its Shopify developers get adequate training to guarantee that they deliver excellent yet an e-commerce website with super easy navigation.

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Exaalgia doesn’t believe in shoddy work. We take care of your Shopify development from A-Z. From designing your website from scratch to bringing it live, with you by our side. We keep our client’s requirements and goals as our topmost priority. Our experts draw and implement the plan as per our client’s needs.

Our client’s success makes us proud. Hence, we value all our relations and provide satisfactory services to achieve that goal. We take complete responsibility for your Shopify development store, your needs, and wants and work closely to turn your e-commerce store dreams into reality.

Exaalgia conducts a meeting with its client and comprehends entirely every aspect of its business before pitching and implementing a campaign or building the website. We believe in taking proper inputs from our clients, for we want to include all their plans and goals to come up with the best Shopify website out there!



Besides Shopify website development, an online business store also needs Shopify marketing services to guarantee the success of their business. It’s crucial to introduce your product or service to the target audience before expecting them to go for it. This opens a door for experts who specify and strategize Shopify marketing services for your business. It would require you to get expert Shopify SEO services to enjoy limitless profitability and reach customers. Our clients can work with Exaalgia’s professional Shopify marketing team, which will walk them through the process of building a successful online business without running out of their resources.


Be it any website, what matters the most is the user experience. A bad user experience website will drive your potential customers away in seconds. A Shopify store should always create a Shopify SEO strategy to provide the best user experience. This is also important since Google, among other top search engines, punishes websites with a bad or terrible user experience, leading to a lower ranking than other competitors. One way to guarantee maximum user experience and engagement is by investing in a good Shopify theme, which is attractive and straightforward to use. Exaalgia’s Shopify experts will help you decide on a theme that fulfils and works the best for your business needs. It will offer the best user experience, besides ensuring uniqueness and an edge over competitors.


A Shopify e-commerce website should be device friendly and responsive on any and every device. This is important since Google prioritizes website responsiveness. Mobile indexing is transforming in the direction of SEO, and online businesses have to constantly catch up by building responsive websites which provide absolute user-friendliness on mobile devices. Exaalgia endeavours to create websites that offer optimal performances on all sorts of devices.


Provided that there are many competitors out there who are focusing on more or less the similar or same product as yours, it becomes essential to stand out from the rest. And have a website that speaks for your business’ uniqueness over others. Exaalgia makes sure your business stands out. Our team of Shopify website design and development experts will assist you in building a Shopify website that gives your brand a distinct and memorable impression. We will create a website that walks alone on its own, different from the crowd. Do you want to give our Shopify developers in the US to make your website remarkable?


The existing themes on Shopify may not work for you or fulfil your needs. You may wish to have more features or customizations per your product’s requirements. Exaalgia is always here to help you out if that is the case. Our team of experts will create customized themes for your Shopify store as per your needs and will entail all your goals. You can tell Exaalgia the features you would like to incorporate, and we will set it right for you with attractive layouts.


At Exaalgia, our Shopify SEO experts have helped several businesses rank higher on SERPs and acquired the good number of leads and sales. Exaalgia has a proficient team of Shopify experts and designers who have worked with many brands and have gained valuable experience and knowledge over the years. Allow our Shopify experts of India to help you develop a more concrete website and generate optimum and profitable online business for you!


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Exaalgia’s team of Shopify developers have thorough training to fulfil all of their client’s needs. They are committed to knowing, designing and implementing the goals of your business.

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Exaalgia’s Shopify professionals know how to recognize every business’s uniqueness and use that in working on a curated Shopify store for you. They brainstorm and generate ingenious strategies consistently to upgrade your website and keep it at the top.

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Exaalgia believes in clearing all the queries of its client and providing full support to them whenever required. You can reach out to Exaalgia’s Shopify experts and shoot all the questions you may have for the team.

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Exaalgia’s team of Shopify experts in Phoenix ensures that your online store is fully integrated and provides a top-notch user experience irrespective of your customers’ devices. The responsiveness of one’s Shopify website across all devices is a crucial aspect.


Exaalgia, located in Indore, creates a personalized website to improve your business ambitions. We provide our website design and development services across the world. Exaalgia also works on websites that already have a presence to increase traffic and revenue. It has a professional set of Shopify experts who work the best on these tasks. Our experts based in India will guarantee to fulfil your website development requirements. Besides development, Exaalgia also offers Shopify SEO services to rank your Shopify website at the top of search engines result.

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Exaalgia’s developers will understand your business first and then develop a viable website development strategy curated for your business.

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Exaalgia just doesn’t provide development services. We also implement marketing strategies and the best SEO services for your business.


Exaalgia believes in the uniqueness of a business and ensures the visibility of that uniqueness on your website as well.

Shopify Development

Exaalgia constantly updates your Shopify store to incorporate any changes if required to stay at the top.

Store Launch

Exaalgia’s work doesn’t get over once the store is launched. We will stay beside you to ensure your store’s content technology remains relevant.

How can Exaalgia’s team of Shopify experts in India help?

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Exaalgia’s India Shopify experts will ensure that your Shopify website doesn’t encounter any difficulty making sales and earning the profit it deserves. They will help you build a website that stands out and provides full user experience on every device, and attract your customer from every nook and corner.

Contact Exaalgia today for more information on how we can upgrade your Shopify store to the next level!


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Are you looking for the best WordPress development company in India? Exaalgia also builds a WordPress website, one of the most popular website CMS platforms. Hire WordPress developers to turn your business into a success!

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Bigcommerce provides a reasonably fine collection of responsive templates that our clients can use for their online store. Contact our Web developers to know more about Bigcommerce!


How do I know you’re going to be the right company for Shopify web development?

We are serving the clients for years, Exaalgia has established itself as one among the best Shopify experts in India. Our team comprises of qualified experts with years of experience in handling complex and challenging Shopify development projects right from the customization to integration. As a full-service Shopify web development company, we are well-equipped with the most advanced features to handle all the small and big eCommerce project needs. We help several business organizations and individuals get the best Shopify features.

Our professional Shopify developers ensure to offer complete client satisfaction and don’t mind going the extra mile to provide the best web development solutions.

How long will it take to complete my Shopify website?

If you are clear about what you want to sell to your customers, then building a website is not-time taking for us. However, the amount of time it will take to set up your Shopify website depends on several variables. Setting up your store is easy but technically you could get a basic store up and running in under an hour. If you want to customize features, change themes, add apps, set up shipping, load thousands of products with different variants, then it can take a long period of time. The amount of time it will take to add all of your requirements to your Shopify store simply depends on how many features you want.

Do you offer customizations to any existing Shopify theme?

Yes, we do offer customization to your Shopify store. If you want to launch a new Shopify store with an amazing look and feel, hire our top Shopify designers who bring exceptional proficiency and knowledge in custom Shopify theme design to help you get high conversions and ROI into your business. From making minor tweaks to an existing Shopify theme to custom Shopify theme developer from scratch or a revamp, our skilled Shopify professionals have you covered. Along with working on the appearance of your eCommerce store, our developers focus on customizing it to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Look no further for professional Shopify store theme design and customization, just share your vision and let’s get started.

Are your Shopify websites SEO-friendly?

Yes, we have a practice of creating Shopify websites that are fully accessible and indexable by search engines. SEO-friendly websites usually get more traffic than websites that ignore search engines like Google. We understand that you want to put your users first, and to get the most out of your Shopify store we design and develop your site with users and search engines in mind.

We have SEO experts in India which makes your content full indexable on your site. Also, if you wish your targeted users found you on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo, we help you in increasing your brand credibility because users are more likely to trust websites that are in the top ten results.

How long will it take to build a website on Shopify?

If you have done Shopify development before or have some knowledge and experience with setting up websites you can do it in less time a day that will produce sales.

If you a complete newbie to building websites on Shopify or anywhere else then you may require a couple of days to get it done to the same standard. However, Shopify is the easiest platform for the newbie also. It is an easy-to-use platform, accessible to any seller or not requiring programming skills. If you have gathered some design materials for your branding, photos, and product descriptions for the pages, then you can build a store on Shopify within few days.

In case if you need any expert help hire our Shopify Developer in India!

How much does Shopify cost?

When it comes to costing your Shopify store development you will be introduced to our sales team. The pricing and packages will be based on the type of website design and development you need and the functionality required. We will discuss what you need your website to do and provide a ‘quotation’ based on what we call ‘’website discovery’’. Our Shopify Experts will look into your existing site to see what functionality exists and discuss what new features you want in a new Shopify website.

Do you offer Shopify SEO Services as well?

Yes, we provide all SEO services including Shopify SEO services as well. Search engine optimization is about getting you found on SERPs which is the goal at If you are here on this page, you must have found us ranking on top among the 31,00,00,000 results on Google’s SERP for the following keywords.

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