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Exaalgia is one of the best in the marketing industry In India and has been awarded and certified Shopify SEO Agency . We specialize in all things set up, design, development, and marketing.

At Exaalgia India, we deliver conversion-optimized Shopify SEO marketing solutions with an intuitive user experience.

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With 10+ years of knowledge and experience, our Shopify SEO specialists, have been ensuring success and leads to several online stores with the latest technology and optimal SEO practices. In case your Shopify store is lacking the number of orders or design or anything else, our Shopify SEO experts based in Indore, India are ready to help you generate orders and set your Shopify right.

Exaalgia’s connection to Shopify vendors allows understanding of some key factors.

  • What will influence visibility?
  • What customizations should be made to optimize a Shopify e-commerce store for major search engines?
  • What matters the most to be the search engine’s top result?


We at Exaalgia can guide your business on the right path, increasing your e-commerce website’s capacity to the fullest. We are all equipped to help you with your customized online store powered by Shopify!

Expert Shopify SEO Agency Services

At Exaalgia, we provide completely managed Shopify search-engine-optimization solutions. With a team of technical Shopify SEO experts, we fulfill all your Shopify SEO needs with the right resources, approaches, tools, and expertise.

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Comprehensive Project Analysis

Our Shopify SEO team ensures that they understand your business and project completely to bring the best results to the table. Be it traffic, growth, leads, or conversions.

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Competitor Research

One’s business can’t succeed if there’s no tough competition. We at Exaalgia, perform a thorough analysis of the top competitors of our clients, who are ranked at the top in search engines. We analyze and understand their performance behaviour to stay one step ahead of them.

Shopify On Page SEO
On-Page Implementation

We don’t believe in a ‘one shoe fits all approach. At Exaalgia, we perform a complete audit of titles, headers, URLs, and metadata, ensuring visibility to your potential customers, along with optimizing each of the Shopify website’s pages.

Shopify SEO Solutions
Product Reviews & Ratings

Exaalgia’s Shopify SEO team ensure to drive positive reviews and good ratings of your brand and products, improving the online goodwill, presence and ranking in search engines—Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

Shopify Link Building
Powerful Link Building

Out Shopify SEO Company put efforts to get quality links and online engagement from the most relevant and high authorized sites/channels. Check out the dedicated link-building service.

Shopify SEO team

We don’t stick to one approach. Exaalgia acknowledges the latest trends and keeps up with the algorithms. Our team constantly works on the SEOs to speed up their client’s SEO game.

Would you like to know ways to drive more customers to your Shopify e-commerce store?

Shopify SEO Company.

Boost Sales with Shopify SEO Agency in India

We can’t stress enough the fact that SEOs are crucial. More so if you have an online store. What’s the point of having a world-class online store with all the functionalities and nobody to e-visit it? It’s more like having 100 products on display with no CTA to buy them. It just doesn’t work. Your Shopify store must be discoverable to the target audience because they have to see it first to purchase your product. Exaalgia—a top-ranked Shopify SEO services agency in India and the US—helps you achieve your SEO goals and the visibility of your Shopify website. We will assist you with increasing sales by rerouting users to your store through organic search. The requirement for a paid campaign decreases once the traffic on the website takes up the lead.

Promote Website Security with Shopify Plus Marketing

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are strict with a website’s security aspect. A website without an SSL will be punished by them, for it establishes a secure and encrypted link between a Chrome or Mozilla browser and a web server. It’s advisable for Shopify owners to use SSL encryption. Exaalgia, as a Shopify SEO specialist, pays attention to this aspect and adds greater security to your e-commerce store by checking all destructibility for prompt monitoring and reporting.

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Shopify SEO Agency

Building Brand Image with Top Shopify SEO Agency in India

We at Exaalgia ensure that our expert Shopify SEO services in India help you build a sustainable brand and establish a good Shopify store by optimizing all the pages of your store. This will help in making the most of the search engine algorithms.

Professional Shopify SEO Firm

Why should I choose Exaalgia as my professional Shopify SEO firm?

  • Exaalgia is specialized in the e-commerce industry and delivers certified quality work.
  • We pride ourselves on our only primary motto- 100% client satisfaction.
  • Exaalgia offers a complete range of search-engine marketing services. From technical web audit, off-page optimization, content marketing to PPC advertising—we have covered it all.
  • We have a dedicated team of Shopify designers and SEO experts at hand for projects irrespective of the size and type.
  • Exaalgia has a flexible Shopify SEO pricing option, enabling you to hire Shopify SEO experts as per your business goals.

Are you ready to improve your Shopify e-commerce store’s online presence on any and every search engine and social media?