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At Exaalgia we understand that all of our clients are different and require different online marketing plans. Because of that, we provide a wide range of internet marketing services to fit your needs. Based on your needs, we will develop a custom digital marketing plan and implement it to help improve your conversions.

Our digital marketing team in India always has our clients in mind. Therefore, we strive to provide a strong return on investment with only the best account management. Our aim is to provide valuable knowledge and insight to your business. We want to ensure that your business is successful, so, because of that, why we put every effort into your unique marketing plan.

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Our digital marketing teams are made up of only experienced professionals with expert knowledge in digital marketing services. Whether you are in need of an onsite analysis, earning backlinks, or optimized content writing our team is available to help. Our team recommendations offer only the best solutions for your project. Our digital marketing services include the following –


Our Search Engine Marketing team focuses on two main verticals – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. We provide a full analysis and plan to develop the best approach for your search engine marketing. This helps to ensure your business’s online success.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial to being found on the Internet. This is often a long-term marketing plan based on your business’s competition and industry. Our SEO Experts can help you achieve high rankings with a successful return in the long run.


Appear on search engines immediately and control when you appear using Pay-Per-Click advertising services. You can also track and measure clicks and conversions to determine the best ways to successfully reach your target audience.


Link Building Service does not just mean “building links,” but building high-quality backlinks that will benefit your website. We will help you build the best quality backlinks following Google’s guidelines. As a result, your ranking in search engine website traffic will improve.


Content can drive sales. Original and compelling content can help improve your backlinks as more people will want to share your information. Exaalgia’s Content Team will help you develop the best content for your website and also to promote your website on the search engines.


Our SMM Experts manage your social media accounts. We help you connect with your audience and spread your brand message using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and much more. Let us help you manage your social media networks.


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Digital Marketing Service is not just having an attractive website or doing Search Engine Optimization.

There are undoubtedly exceptional digital marketing companies in India that will go down in history as being responsible for some of the greatest internet marketing campaigns of all time: Just Do It, ba da ba ba ba, and every beer commercial ever; just to name a few. These companies like Nike, McDonald’s, and Beer spend massive internet marketing budgets and it shows. Unfortunately, we all don’t have that kind of internet marketing budget. We only have time; in fact, we don’t even have that. If money and time are in short supply, use one of our digital marketing experts in India to help you make your budget-friendly internet marketing plan.


Market research is one of the basic and most important processes of Internet marketing. Our Internet Marketing Expert will do detailed market research and make a report of it.


After gathering the market information our internet marketing team will do an audit and make a plan of action which will help us to improve our internet marketing score.


We will do the monthly work according to the plan, which includes Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, SMM, SMO, PPC, Email marketing, etc.


Our Internet Marketing review consists of several factors. This includes content, linking structure, social media efforts, paid campaigns and its trust flow on the internet.

We offer the best internet marketing services in India

Our talented team of SEO specialists in India can take on all of your search engine marketing needs. You and your business are our number one priority. Through our dedication to your business, we strive to take your website to the top of all major search engines. We offer complete transparency to all of our customers including full submission and ranking reports. We pride ourselves on having over 4000+ satisfied customers, as well as, a 94% retention rate.

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Internet Marketing Company In India

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Best Digital Marketing Company In India
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We work with well-resourced, agile companies that need a kickass SEO experts. From keyword strategy to technical web audits to link building, we tackle it all.
With an experienced in-house team of digital marketers, Exaalgia delivers the results you require from a digital marketing firm. Our award-winning SEO services are directed by a management team that offers professional strategy and support.


Do you offer search engine marketing services?

Yes, we offer search engine marketing solutions to our clients regardless of their industry niche. Our digital marketers focus on two main verticals- search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns. Our SEM refers to the methods by which your business uses search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing to advertise to users and our team can make it done through organic methods like SEO, or paid ones like PPC ads through Google AdWords.

Can I start & stop SEO services?

We strongly advise our clients against starting and stopping search engine optimization. SEO is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and results take time to develop and SEO expert's continual efforts bring those results and help you reach up. By stopping SEO services you will lose results and your competitor will be on top for those keywords and capture your customers by rising above you.

Do you provide online reputation management?

Your online reputation can boost your business’ brand. Online reputation management is a key factor in digital marketing that should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, all it takes is one unsatisfied customer to negatively impact your brand’s reputation in this digital world.

Nearly, 95% of shoppers read online testimonials before making any purchase and in fact, 72% of customers do not take action until they have read reviews. We offer you review management, reputation repair, and online reputation solutions to improve your online presence so that more and more customers can trust you and make a purchase from your website.

What is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is the most popular platform for PPC in the world. Adwords allows businesses to run ads that will show on GOOGLE’s search engine results and other related properties. Google Adwords is mainly a PPC platform where users bid on keywords and pay each time to Google when a user clicks on their ad.

Do you have certification & accreditation?

Yes, we are certified Google and Bing, partners! We have received a badge for top SEO companies from Clutch and Good Firms. Exaalgia has been recognized as a leader in digital marketing across the India.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing involves marketing to reach audiences using internet-connected devices namely desktops, smartphones and tablets. A digital marketing channel includes search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), social media, email, websites and mobile apps that connect business with prospects and consumers.

What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketing has evolved over the years where an immense array of online marketing specialists consults with brands to develop solid strategies and implement campaigns. If you’re new to the digital marketing industry or lack experience or resources, you should consider hiring an experienced and professional digital marketing firm.

Would my business benefit from internet marketing services?

Surprisingly, a marketplace has become increasingly more digital as technology continues to advance. The benefits of digital marketing services are becoming more prevalent every day. More and more consumers are now searching and buying products online. According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online and Tech Crunch reports that 79% of people shop online.

More and more businesses are relying on digital marketing tactics to effectively engage and reach their target audience online. One of the greatest benefits digital marketing company offers is it allows you to target your ideal buyers.

How often should I update my website?

Websites that go for a long time without any updates and new content are not likely to perform well or support any useful digital marketing objectives. Though a static website technically qualified as a website it’s bound to be more than a digital brochure that produces little or no leads from visitors.

How much of my marketing budget should be spent online?

The magic number of Internet versus traditional advertising doesn’t really exist in businesses. However, if you really want to monitor the ROI of all of your marketing channels use the Google Analytics tool, it should be easy to see which marketing methods are the most effective.

If you eliminate the methods that don’t bring results, you’ll have more money to spend on the ones that are effective. As a result, you won’t actually need to spend any more than you already do on digital marketing- you’ll have to just adjust it.